Sun 12 Jul 2015 12:26
We are still anchored off St George's "17.02.52N 61.45.36W". Last week was much like the week before.... We spent the time hanging out with our American friends, visiting the West Indies Brewing Company and Hashing. Lynne and Eric are now here so we have added a Brit and an Aussie to the mix, and briefly Bold Venture was here, so another Brit and a Swede...
The Hash was excellent we choose the long run, a six mile course that we completed in an hour and a half.....for those of you who run and are concerned that a 15 minute mile is not really running... Bear in mind that there were six false trails and we were in the chase group for five of them, so that added a bit. But mainly the trail is never, ever flat on two occasions hands were required to scramble up hills and on one it was so steep they had provided a rope! And then there were the three rivers to ford. But awesome fun and very cold beer at the end.
On the down side, the generator is on the aft deck as we continue to spend money and time trying to figure out what is wrong with it! Hopefully it will be fixed soon..... I have done little else this week. Gill however has almost finished Brad and Karen's chaps so that is progress.
Tomorrow we leave, bound for Trinidad.....
Fair winds
Love Alasdair and Gill

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