Sunday on the hard

Sun 22 Dec 2019 17:31
Well, we have now been back just over a week and I can’t decide whether we have done loads, or nothing!
We seem to have spent an awful lot of time sat in the cockpit enjoying being back but not doing much. Then going up to the Yacht Club for a drink or a swim in the pool, and catching up with friends....
But then I think we only landed 9 days ago.  The first was a right off, flying overnight is never fun.
We spent two days on safari, just spectacular we had to leave at 04:30, to drive up for an early morning game drive. We saw, elephants, giraffes, buffalo, rhinoceros, hogs, hippopotamus, gazelle type things, snakes, monkeys, and some beautiful birds.  We also went on a night drive, but still no big cats....just a domestic mog! Then a river trip, seeing more hippopotamus and crocodiles. 
One day, bizarrely I spent in bed....not sure what was wrong. I was just exhausted! 
Been shopping twice, a much more complex job than at home, involving taxis and wondering aimlessly looking for where to buy things!
We have also cleaned the boat inside and out so she now looks like home again. Reproofed the Bimini, it was just starting to leak.  Sewn new covers for three bunk cushions, serviced one of the main winches.  Found the cause of an annoying leak. Sorted out the Genset battery.....And put up Christmas decorations!
Oh, and today walked to the beach and watched the surf crashing in.
Hopefully we will be back in the water before Christmas 
Wherever you are, we wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas, and may the New Year be just splendid 
Love Alasdair, Gill, Habitat, Pickles and Star Charger

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