01 Whales!

Sun 9 Oct 2016 23:25
"18.51.197S 159.48.445W"
There are things that happen to you that cannot be bought...
We sat on the boat drinking a lunchtime beer and chatting when I noticed something in the water about a mile off. I was sure it was a whale breaching! A checked with the bringemnearers and no, it was two a cow and a calf. They continued to meander closer and closer, just amazing! Blowing and breaching ad they came. 
After much debate Oscar and I jumped into the water and swam in their direction. 
I was looking down when I realised to my eternal delight that the mother was swimming under me... I cannot describe the feeling of euphoria. Days like this come along only a few times in a whole life. We are so unbelievably privileged to be able to take advantage. 
Gill stayed on the boat and did manage to get a photograph of the whales tale and Oscar in the water watching!
Such a shame that man brought these beautiful creatures so close to extinction 

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