03 Mid Pacific checks

Mon 20 Jun 2016 21:12
"05.56.15S 103.46.96W"
This was the point we were passed by a sailing catamaran, she must have been doing 12 knots.  She left Galapagos two days after us and breezed by.  Nice to chat on the VHF though. 
Sunday saw all hands on deck as I climbed both masts to check for wear. Not something I really enjoy doing at anchor but in an ocean swell it is horrid. At one point I nearly lost contact with the mast...only holding on with one hand on a shroud as I swung out! Still worth doing and all was well. Then much more fun, over the transom in the bosuns chair to check the nuts and bolts of the Hydrovane...all well there too. 
As usual all too good to be true! The Autohelm now won't disengage properly so that needs removing for some tlc!
Alex has discovered an Interactive TV. If you sit in the cockpit and look through the porthole to the galley you can watch Gill cooking! We now get a running commentary of what is being prepared for dinner. Sunday's plum crumble was a particular delight. 
Fair winds
Alasdair, Gill, Alex and Jane
PS Gill and the setting sun as we head west, 2000 miles to Polynesia, 1000 miles from Galapagos. 
+447710 197949

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