07 700 miles to go....

Mon 20 Jun 2016 21:27
"07.35.500S 127.25.390W"
We are now below 700 miles to go! Less than a week.....I hope! 
We encountered some fairly bad weather over the last few days. Winds over 30 knots, rain and confused seas. But we did make some good 24 hour runs! Two days over 150 miles, but no record yet. 
It is hard to describe living onboard in such conditions.  Simply putting the milk back in the fridge
Wedge yourself as best you can against the roll and pitch, remove safety rope from fridge door and unlock door. Open door, all of course while holding milk. If you put the milk down it will fall over. Now while holding door to stop it banging and milk to stop it spilling rearrange the stuff in the door which has fallen over to fill the gap that you took the milk out of. Replace milk don't forget to catch the stuff that has fallen from the body of the fridge as you rolled....close fridge door ensuring that it looks and replace safety rope. All the time willing the tea you have just made not to fall over and remembering to do this as quietly as possible as someone onboard will be asleep!
However we love it most of the time, tonight will be our nineteenth night at sea that's a great deal of time looking out at nothing but sea and sky!
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