Port Villa, Efata. Vanuatu

Wed 30 May 2018 07:34
"17.44.60S 168.18.82E"
We pulled the anchor up and left Tanna at 10.00 hrs on Tuesday, out into a very rough sea off the point. Up with the Code 0 and we had got the sheets in a muddle.... after some fighting and much cursing we sorted it out. And flew up the coast passing Frenchie just before the top of the island. 
From there we bore away and headed for Efata. Too deep for the Code 0 so down it came and out went the twin poles. Another cock up with the sheets saw Frenchie take back the lead but once we did get them pulling we raced away. By the time we arrived he was a mere dot on the horizon. 
We had a fabulous sail, often averaging 7 knots in a watch. We did motor for a couple of hours overnight when the motion got too bad but mostly a fantastic 140 miles in 22 hours. 
Now in Port Villa lovely but so very different from Port Resolution. You can't believe they are the same country. 
Frenchie arrived some hours after us (to be fair he is New Caledonian) and we drank beer in the dockside bar.....
Planning to leave here Saturday morning bound for Thursday Island in the Torres Straights
Have fun

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