5 Halfway!

Mon 20 Jun 2016 21:25
"06 22.888S 114 16.760W"
Today we reached the halfway point! So I went for a swim! The girls floated off the back. 
We also sent off two bottles with notes in. One from us big people and one from the Teddy Bears, I wonder if anyone will read them. Still it was fun.  It is an interesting point because we are so weather and current dependant that the second half could be much longer or shorter than the first in terms of days. But we are now down below 1500nm to go.  We do not run a dry ship as such but generally on passage we don't drink. So we have had two weeks detox so far but are we all looking forward to that arrival beer. 
Jane climbed the masts to check the rigging, all well still. Yesterday I did the monthLy seacock check, not such good news. One that I thought was turning was in fact just the handle spinning free! Another New Zealand job!
The sun is setting on the enormous Pacific Ocean that we are creeping across.....
Fair winds
Alasdair and Gill

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