"22.50.44N 26.36.40W" Saturday 4th January 2014

Sat 4 Jan 2014 18:09
We have now been at sea for five days, and still have several weeks to go.  We have seen virtually no sign of humans other than the four of us.  Occasionally we see a ship on our computer and sometimes even the lights from a distant boat (or is that the stars?) Plastic rubbish floats past which is sad, otherwise we are out here alone.
We haven’t even seen much wildlife today! The odd bird but that is all!.  Yesterday we say another pod of dolphins, but we are still waiting for our first whale or flying fish for that matter!
The last 24 hours has been storming, we made 160 nm towards our waypoint, so already there is talk on board that we will be sipping rum punches in no time!  For me I think we still have at least two weeks to go.  Plenty of time for Dicken to catch a fish and for me to get really frustrated by the watermaker and how hard it is to operate in these conditions!  The swell is big....really big sometimes, you look back along the boat and there is a wave higher than the sat phone mast! But mostly it all flows under the boat and we surf off the tops.  The problem is the occasional rogue waves that come it at an angle and throw the boat off course, especially if the hydrovane is steering or if the helmsman isn’t looking! 
It is an amazing experiance it is hard to convey what it is like....knowing that you are on a very small boat in a very big sea! But Star Charger is as usual handling everything in her stride and giving complete confidence.
I do hope this blogs are making it with our position so that you can see how we are crawling across the sea!
I trust that you are all well and that the weather is OK!
Alasdair, Gill, Dicken, Ian, Habitat, Pickles and Star Charger
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