"12.27.44N 61.29.34W"

Mon 4 Aug 2014 16:41
As we prepared to leave Carriacou Keith and Ida on Cheers sailed by and shouted "Race"...... An hour and a half later we left and set off in pursuit....we didn't catch them!  Once in Grenada we entered the Hash, the walking section...with Keith and Ida.... We got ahead of them but a couple of miles from the end Keith came running up and shouted "race"....this time he didn't get away!
From Grenada we headed back to Carriacou and on up meet our friends on Happy Hour in Mayreau. Sadly they are returning to the UK, we first met Sean and Jane in Gibraltar and raced against them in Barbados, then met numerous times along the way. We sailed up to Bequia to meet Ian and Helen on Calima. A sad parting I doubt the three boats will be together again. The photos are from Happy Hour.....
Now back in Carriacou, Gill is racing on Spirited Lady and I am puppy sitting.....
Love Alasdair, Gill, Habitat, Pickles, Star Charger and Tashie.....


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