Anniversary and time ashore

Mon 16 Mar 2020 19:21
St Helena is an amazing place, very friendly people and unbelievably remote! The perfect place to hide out from a pandemic.... though they are talking about closing the borders here too. 
An interesting conundrum for us, turning to the Clash for advice....”should I stay or should I go now, if I go there will be trouble, if I stay it will be double...”. We are safe here, and it is fun, partly because there are ten other boats here. But we need to be in Barbados by the 10th May. However if we leave we may find ourselves unable to enter the next country, or having to sit at anchor for 14 days without going ashore! Also, Ascension is significantly less hospitable than here, and Fernando Noronha is very, very much more expensive.
I think we will plan to leave at the weekend, but review as we get closer.
Today we swam with Whale Sharks, beautiful creatures, huge and gentle. It is quite amazing to be able to snorkel along next to such beasts.
Then, as it is our wedding anniversary we decided to stay ashore in an hotel, the photograph is the view from our window of Jacobs Ladder, I know it’s a rubbish photograph but it’s the best I could do through a two inch gap. 
We have left Star Charger in the gentle hands of the crew. Who like any kids immediately decided to have a party!
Fair winds and much love
Alasdair and Gill

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