St Helena Day

Fri 22 May 2020 15:54
It is some time since I last wrote a blog, in reality nothing much has changed for us....
So, we are still living on land, hoping that we can get the new inverter on the next supply ship, Gill is still working, I am pottering around. 
The big change is that we have new crew, for when we do depart.  Carmen, who we first met in Cape Town has joined us, as has Josh, who we met here.  Both South Africans, both had birthdays here.  Carmen was 21 last week and we had two splendid parties for her.  We are really looking forward to sailing with them as I am sure we will have fun.  It is of course tinged with sadness as we should be doing this next leg with Chris and Livia.  They were great crew, but circumstances forced their hands and they needed to leave before we could take them. 
Yesterday was St Helena day, in a very British way the morning started with torrential rain.  Being volcanic, and very steep sided, this led to massive rock falls into the sea.  The weather cleared for our race.  We had eight onboard, came last but had a blast.
 Back at the Yacht Club, “Miss” St Helena was a scream, both Josh an I entered, we were robbed.  But what a laugh, I will try and attach a photograph. 
I hope lockdown isn’t too bad for you, and when you get a chance to travel again, fair winds
Love Alasdair and Gill

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