Fri 20 Mar 2015 11:54
"15.34.67N 61.27.79W"
I am sat here just after the sun has risen with the wind no more than a gentle breeze and barely a cloud in the sky, it is hard to recall the full force of last weeks storms.
This week we celebrated our wedding anniversary (the picture shows us dressed overall to mark the occasion). We invited the guys round for dinner as Susie had just returned from the UK ( all OK, which is good news).
Yesterday we went for an awesome tour round the island. We visited a great waterfall with a rock some six metres above the water that you could jump off, diving off was not on the cards! The fall itself was so strong that swimming into it you were dragged under before you got to the actual fall. Poor Jester was working constantly "rescuing" people and himself nearly got drowned when Taishie swam over him and stopped..
The next stop was the chocolate man, who has the most amazing house. Breathtaking views over the red rocks from a wonderful veranda, and a library of old books. Having sampled and bought chocolate we went to see the red rocks, it felt like you were on Mars! Loads of caves and almost alleyways between the rocks to explore.
From there we went to the Carib reserve. They were the people here before the West turned up with African slaves to work the sugar. We bought a traditional basket to keep fruit in.
The icing on the cake for me was stopping at a great fruit stall by the road side. We have some freshly roasted and ground coffee made with the guys own beans, really looking forward to this mornings coffee.
The plan is to pull out of here on Monday bound for the Saints and then onto Antigua. It will be great to see the guys up there again.
Still no further forward with long term planning but I think we are getting there....
Fair winds
Alasdair and Gill

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