06 Closing Rodriquez

Thu 18 Jul 2019 13:44
“18.48.167S 064.51.002E”
We are now only 80 from Rodriquez. We have decided not to stop and to push on for Mauritious, some 400 miles away. 
We have had some splendid sailing these last few days. Today in perfect sunshine. But we are noticing that the temperature is falling as we head south. 
Our weather router Des has been fantastic, though he is predicting 35 knots tomorrow, that’s Gale Force 8 for those of you wondering. 
Thoughts on board are now beginning to turn to arrival, bets on time are being considered. Ali has plumped for 7 pm Thursday, very precise.  My bet is Friday morning. Soon the beer and champagne will go on ice and the Mauritian flag come out!
We will then be back in the world of WiFi.
Fair winds.
Alasdair, Gill, Alison and Peter. 

+870776 764870 Inmarsat satellite phone

+441372 463121 British land line
+447710 197949 British mobile phone

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