Dune surfing and next years plan

Sun 18 Dec 2016 19:36
"35.43.686S 174.20.025E"
This week we spent three days sightseeing up north. I still can't get my head round the fact that it is warmer further north!  We drove up with George and Lorna from Quatsino II and Stewart, Lou, Eleanor and Hannah from Sky Lark. Staying for two nights in a charming Bach on the east coast. 
First stop Cape Reinga the northern most tip of New Zealand. This is where the Maori believe the spirits of their departed leave this world for the underworld. It is also where the Tasman sea meets the Pacific. It was calm when we were there but still spectacular. 
We then tried our hand at sand surfing. On Ninety Mile beach (actually just shy of 90 km) there are huge sand dunes that you can walk up and surf down on body boards....awesome!
Now back on board doing jobs.

I have done the provisional plan for next year....
New Zealand.   Launch 30 March.    Depart 30 April
Tonga,               arrive 8 May.              Depart 17 June
Fiji,                     arrive 21 June.           Depart 31 July
Vanuatu             arrive 5 August.         Depart 14 September 
New Caledonia arrive 16 September. Depart 26 October
New Zealand,   arrive 3 November.    Depart 2018.... Will fly home at some point
As always the above is subject to change and the vagaries of the weather. However if you fancy joining us either on one of the groups of islands or a passage please get in touch.  
Fair winds
Alasdair and Gill

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