Bound for Panama

Sun 31 Jan 2016 02:29
We are now "15.39.71N 065.19.14W"
Two days ago we left Antigua bound for Panama. Th sort of the next big adventure.
Just leaving was hard enough! The way we had designed the new base for the windlass did not seem to work. Ian with advice from George managed to get it sorted! Two days before leaving, the watermaker decided to stop working. Fortunately only on the 12 volt side so we can still run it with the generator. The solar panel never got fitted and is stowed in the forepeak. The Sat Phone didn't get reconnected.
However, Gill with help from Helen and Karen got all the for bought and stowed.
Brad and Karen decided they would like to come with us for the experience. Fantastic news, 1200 NM is a long way with just two people!
A chance conversation with a chap we met in Trinidad led to us buying an SSB radio for an excellent price. Now all I need to do is fit it, work out how to use it and get a licence!
But right no we are enjoying being at sea, a week o ten days away from land (and rum!). Plenty of time to reflect and plan.
I do hope that Brad and Karen enjoy their experience and that do decide to cross an Ocean themselves one day. So far so good, though we have seen very little wildlife which is a disappointment
Love Alasdair and Gill
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