Panama Canal

Sun 21 Feb 2016 20:44
"09.08.83N 079.48.75W"
We are transiting the Canal as I write this! An amazing thing to do... With us we have Neil, Erica who I have also known for years and Kevin & Susie who we met in the Caribbean even though they only live a few miles from us back home!
Yesterday we entered via the Gatun Locks a flight of three chambers. We were rafted to two other boats and in the lock behind a small tanker. We went through as night was falling but I believe we were visible on the webcam.
The Panama Canal Authority provide an advisor for the trip who manages the boats through the canal and in the locks. They are really friendly and speak very good English!
Having come through the locks we rafted up again on a large mooring ball and had a very pleasant evening drinking and eating, including of course some of the Maclean whisky.
Now we are motoring through the lake, some 28nm to the next lock....
Hopefully we will go through the next locks in daylight.
Haven't seen any crocodiles yet
Love Alasdair.

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