The power of Pickles

Tue 2 Jun 2020 00:28

Here we are still living on land in St Helena, and my mind fell to wondering about the effect Pickles has on people.
For those of you who don’t know, Pickles was rescued from a shop in Fowey by Gill in 2004.  His early childhood was fairly quiet.... then I came on the scene.  Pickles met Habitat, who is getting too old to be out and about all the time.  So Pickles became the Teddy Bear front man on Star Charger when we left Great Britain in 2013.  He has since become the boats official Pilot, guiding us in and out of all ports and anchorages, he even has his own flag.
He is the conduit for all our bears to pass love and hugs down the bearwaves to other bears who’s big people are calling huge amounts of love and hugs from them.  That is why even small bears have no end to the love they can give.  Pickles has also been looking after Carmen since her accident. 
But what I find most extraordinary is the way people react to him in person.
Most people are a little surprised when they are first introduced.  Labouring under the delusion that he is a stuffed toy.  People do pigeon hole him, thinking he is a mascot.  He is of course far more than that.  
But once people get to know him they realise that he is in fact just one of us.  They then treat him as such, always asking after him if he is not around, chatting to him when he is, and generally just enjoying his company.  People complain if he isn’t looking out of the window when they come to the house, invite him to parties and all sorts!
If only the world had more outgoing teddy bears it would be a better place
Fair winds

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