Peace descends

Wed 4 Sep 2013 13:38
Well here we are back in Agay "43.25.809N 006.51.771E"
The boat is now quiet, all our friends have left for now...We are looking
forward to welcoming Gill's parents next week and my mother and sister at
the end of the month. For now though we are enjoying each others company
and pottering around doing jobs. Today I did my least favourite job,
scrubbing the bottom. It is not as hard with the "Copper Bottom" that we
had applied but one still needs to spend an age under water rubbing it down.
So any friends who like spending time under water, please come and see us!
We still have quite a list of jobs that need to be completed before we go
Ocean sailing, but we still have a few months. Gill has nearly finished
making blue bags with drawstrings...
We are lingering here before the long sail back to Gibraltar, having sailed
thousands of miles to reach the Riviera it has been lovely just sailing for
fun. We managed to get the big cruising chute and mizzen staysail up
together which was great! The photo shows us sailing with them up and the
two older Wooding kids in charge! I think we have now tried most sail
combinations and I am happy that we can cover most eventualities. The only
thin g left to work out is how the Sat Phone works, it is installed, we do
have a contract but I don't know how to make or receive calls. I must read
the manual.
We are flying back to England for a month in mid October so that is taking
some planning. It seems like a long time but trying to fit everything in is
quite a challenge!
Must go and make a cup of tea before the sunbather complains.
Have fun and plan your trip to us.
Alasdair, Gill, Habitat, Pickles and Star Charger

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