Further thoughts and plans from Refuge Rock...

Thu 26 Mar 2020 16:51

The fleet, 15 boats, 10 monohulls, 5 catamarans. Three of which are in quarantine. 
It is made up of...
4 British registered
1 French 
1 Swiss
1 South African 
1 German
1 Dutch
1 Chinese 
1 Seychelles 
1 Australian
All the above nationalities (except I suspect Seychelles) plus two Swedes, one Thai,  and two Irish, and maybe others on the quarantined boats. All in all quite an internationally diverse group.
The smallest boat is 8.3m (27 feet) and the largest 26.5m (86 feet)
We are keeping ourselves entertained as we don’t have the virus, social distancing is not considered necessary. Tonight, a quiz night has been organised for us, should be interesting given the cultural diversity!
Having watched another couple of countries close, our plan is to hold tight here for another couple of weeks! Then we really don’t know, options are diminishing! In order to get into, and through the Caribbean before hurricane season we really need to be out of here early in April, not looking terribly hopeful at the moment.  So then our options are sail to Trinidad, currently closed, and haul the boat there....fly home and fly back next year to sail home. Or, sail straight home from here, a very long and difficult sail....possibly stopping points on that route, Ascension, Cape Verde, Azores....all closed! Of course we first need to get the engine fixed...still no joy with that
We will keep you posted with thoughts and plans as they develop 
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