"15.59.75N 50.18.87W"

Wed 15 Jan 2014 19:25
Yesterday we celebrated out second birthday on board...I wonder what the chance of that in a January crossing are? Maybe 2%? Anyway, be that as it may yesterday was Gill’s turn and another bottle of bubbles opened....next bottle in Barbados.   Sunday is looking less likely after a day becalmed.  We opted to motor as we were going to have to make water and charge the batteries anyhow.  Still a very low 24 hour run.  We now need to exceed average to make Sunday.
We are not alone.....yesterday we saw a ship for the first time.  Up till then we had seen lights in the distance evidence of ships on the AIS tracker and the vapour trails left by airplanes.  But not an actual vessel!  Yesterday also marked the lads doing some hand washing which dried nicely on the rail in the calm sunny day.
We woke up to find a squid on the deck but still no flying fish or any other fish for that matter.
Today, we sent Ian up the mast again...all was well.  Great news, we have had very little wear on lines etc. 
Over night we switched sail plan to the barn doors (twin poled headsails) and today switched to the two blue sails.  Will have to make a decision about tonight.  I don’t really like the blue sails at night, they are a bit of a handful to bring in should the need arise.
We will be under 500 miles to go by the morning I hope.  All getting very exciting....
Alasdair, Gill, Dicken, Ian, Habitat, Pickles and Star Charger
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