Darwin again

Sun 9 Sep 2018 00:51
“12.27.07S 130.49.44E”
Back in Darwin and back aboard Star Charger.... it is lovely to be back, and mostly we are ready to go sailing on Wednesday! The plan is to leave here bound for Christmas Island some 1500 NM west of here. Then another 500 NM to Cocos Keeling. After that a big hop across the Indian Ocean to Mauritius, 2500 NM from CK.
Cian is still with me and Sean, another Irish lad, has joined us. Should be a good crew
If only the generator was working all would be well. The damned thing won’t start, I think it might be a solenoid problem on the fuel line!
I miss Gill very much and am finding it hard to get motivated, but at the end of October she arrives in Mauritius and I will try my best to be waiting at the airport for her.....but it is a long way from here! About 35 days sailing if things go well.
I am sat having breakfast alone by the waterfront in a great little cafe called the Boat Shed. Seeing all the guys having breakfast with their fathers is a poignant reminder that I can never do that again....
On the plus side, as my mother pointed out to me yesterday, I am on the way home
Fair winds and safe sailing
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