Or maybe not.....

Mon 26 Sep 2016 02:46
"16.43.255S 151.26.450W"
For the eagle eyed....we haven't left! The watermaker isn't here, there's a surprise. Very, very stressful and UPS have lied but there we are! Nothing we can do about it!
However I have done a few useful jobs. I fitted a tap with a direct feed from the watermaker, so now we get freshly made fresh water....and we can monitor quality!
I also removed one of the windows in our cabin that was leaking and resealed it. And bonded the anti slip deck to the anchor locker lid...
We are anchored off a tiny motu where we can see the sun set and rise! Perfect!
Hopefully the watermaker will arrive this week and we will leave, but don't hold your breath!
Oscar watching the sun set

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Fair winds
Alasdair, Gill, Oscar and Mia

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