The hard

Fri 11 Sep 2015 23:53
"10.40.92N 61.38.04W"
Sorry no blog last week so an early one this week...
For none sailors, a The Hard is a boat yard, we lifted out earlier this week for an emergency rig check....
Down in Trinidad at a fantastic yard called Power Boats.... Great, I would highly recommend it! First things first, the rigger arrived and ran up the masts, he reckons all is well. The problem we were having is just one of those things that we will always get! He has done a full rig check and given us a clean bill of health. Fantastic news! We knew our Baby Stay has been failing for a couple of years so he has taken it away to replace...
While out of the water we have been practicing climbing a rickety 3m high ladder when pissed, makes a change from the dinghy....
Other jobs so far....
Bottom jet washed, scrapped clean of barnacle feet and rubbed over with a scouring pad...
Both job furlers stripped and regreased
Aft heads floor fitted
Still to complete
Topside polish
Fit Shower tray
A thousand other minor jobs.
We have hired a car so that we can Hash tomorrow and also buy cheap fuel
Just at dusk this evening hundreds of parrots flew over, so cool
So things going pretty well!
Fair winds
Alasdair and Gill

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