Sat 12 Mar 2016 02:28
"09.54.540N 79.31.45W"
Here we are sat in La Playita anchorage on the Pacific side of Panama. We have been here a few weeks now and will be for a few more.
While Neil was still here we sailed across to Tabogo, our first Pacific island and our inaugural is cold compared to the Caribbean.
We are now quietly swinging at anchor doing jobs and waiting for Alex and then Jane to join us. We have done quite a bit so far but the list never seems to get any shorter! Three big jobs still to do but we have two weeks so all should be well. That is if I had any idea where to start.
There was a group outing to see The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare, Abridged .... It was fun, and made a change.
Yesterday we said goodbye, for now, to Lynne and Eric. Hopefully we will meet them again on the way!
We did see this fellow the other day, hanging around...for those of you not on Facebook.
Still haven't seen a crocodile which is sad....
More later
Love Alasdair and Gill

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