06 Of Moons and Roast Beef

Mon 20 Jun 2016 21:26
"06.34.455S 117.18.230W"
Yesterday we changed the clocks again. We are now GMT -9,  this is the furthest time zone I have ever been to. I guess sailing round the world takes you to places you have never been to before on your way home!
Another first for me yesterday was watching the moon set into the sunset.... To watch the moon set into the light show that is sunset was amazing. I really must investigate the  orbit of the moon, I am not sure I fully understand it. 
It being Sunday we had roast beef and Yorkshire pudding followed by rhubarb crumble, delicious. We don't aim to starve on this boat.... We finished one of the two huge cabbages that Gill bought in Galapagos, it was fantastic.  
There followed a discussion regarding our watch system.  Gill is on permanent Mother Watch. It suits her because she gets a full nights sleep. It also works because she is a brilliant cook and victualer so we manage the produce well and get great meals. I worry about it because of the stereotyping and the fact that Gill suffers from seasickness and it is tough in the galley! My contribution is to bake the bread....
Now awaiting dawn on watch, the rest of us do three on six off. One of the problems with long passages is lack of exercise. Living on a space no more than 45' long and 13' wide makes going for a walk tough! So I have been spending half an hour a watch standing and not holding on...surprisingly hard on a moving boat! 

Fair winds
Love Alasdair and Gill
PS Sunrise!

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