First week jobs.

Sun 25 Mar 2018 04:18
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Well things are looking more promising this week. The life raft is away being serviced. The Inverter is away being checked over. Both driven down to Auckland the Friday a lovely drive down, turned straight round and drove back.....about ten miles south of here are some roadworks (why are they called that as the road clearly doesn't work!). They had been left in such a poor state that cars could only travel over them at about 3 mph, consequently the tail back ran for the best part of ten miles in each direction. I didn't know New Zealand had that many cars!
Jason is doing a sterling job preparing the bottom for painting. Unfortunately the Coppercoat that should have lasted hasn't....blisters all over coming through from underneath! The bottom should be painted next week. Then the sacrificial anodes need replacing, several of the sea cocks need freeing and a ground plate for the SSB needs installing. After that we will be ready to go back in. However I don't want to go too soon as the bottom will start weeding up!
Yesterday was not a good day.... two jobs, should have been done by lunchtime. First, the new microwave housing. Just unbolt the back plate and wire the socket, said the fitter. OK, what he didn't tell me is that it was wedged in so tight that I had to cut the panel to get at the old socket! Second, new galley sink tap purchased, old one removed. The same design, perfect just bolt the new one in. No, whoever fitted the original tap opted to put different sized inlet pipes on. So tomorrow a trip to the plumbers merchant to acquire a converter.
On the plus side I have a man coming to sort the seized sea cocks.
Tomorrow's job....start fitting the new watermaker.... what can possibly go wrong
Have fun and fair winds.
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