Back on board

Wed 21 Mar 2018 20:32
"35.43.64S 174.20.00E"
After 35 hours traveling we arrived back on board. It is lovely to be home.
Star Charger is on the hard and I hate boats out of the water, they don't look or feel right, and you have to climb 2.5 metres up a ladder with all you kit to get aboard. Add to that the fact that we left her 10 months ago and we have had workers doing stuff and she wasn't quite as lovely as usual. Two days later and things are looking up, she is clean and most of the stuff squared away.
Of course none of the things that were broken have fixed themselves and some other things have broken. The most critical of these is the inverter/charger, the clever bit of electronics that makes life onboard possible! But I emailed the local guys and they have already responded so I am confident!
Our job list is tough but harder than that is knowing that when we leave here, Gill will not be onboard.....every time I think about it I feel sad, but needs must when the devil drives and all that! I am sure that we will both survive but it will be hard. Also, the need for crew is greater than ever and although I have great interest, only one has committed so far. Watch this space.
I will try and keep the blogs coming from now....
Take care and have fun

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