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"14.58.114S 147.38.220W"
OK so sometimes plans change....we were aiming to arrive at one Atoll at first light on Sunday. Then for a number of reasons, the pass was only 2.2 metres deep and we are 2 metres, the wind was very strong, there were a number of negative reports about the one we were aiming for, we thought a bigger one might be more fun etc etc... We changed our plan and headed straight for Rangiroa.
Unfortunately we calculated that we were going to arrive in the dark so using the Satellite phone we rang the official telephone numbers, no answer. Mia suggested the local dive shops... One answered and gave us information about the pass... He thought it would be safe to come in at 7pm. It was dark but there was a moon so we decided to go for it. I have to say that it was one of the most tense moments I have known but we had studied the approach and it looked OK. The decision was also based on the very strong crew we have, Oscar and Mia are fantastic and work very well together.
Coming in I made a classic schoolboy error, I knew what light I was looking for and made the light I found fit.... Fortunately both Gill and Mia noticed my mistake and told me! I might have noticed in time, but....
The entrance had a current running of over two knots and quite a few eddies that swung the boat around rather violently. Once inside the whole environment changes. Gone are the big waves you are now in a calm lagoon!
Needless to say we anchored and secured the boat then opened the arrival beer closely followed by much rum. Sorting the boat and washing her down was left to the next day.
The photo does not do it justice, this is a beautiful place! Off to explore and enjoy
Love Alasdair, Gill, Mia, Oscar and Star Charger

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