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Mon 27 Jul 2015 22:40
I may not be the first person to have said that! Now back in Trinidad "10.40.748N 61.37.974W"
Sadly Josh and Becky flew home on Saturday, it is fantastic to see family but when they leave it reminds us just how much we miss them.
We sailed back to Tobago overnight and did get some sailing but motored some of the way which was a shame!
Back in Trinidad, Josh's Jazzy tours took control and we hd a whirlwind of tourist things.....
The Pitch Lake was amazing, the most surreal place, black pitch all rubbery underfoot, a slight smell of sulphur and vulture's waiting for you to get stuck and die..... And of course bathing in the water guarantees everlasting youth, not that I needed that of course....
The Caroni Swamp with snakes in the trees overhead, Becky's highlight of the holiday.... And the unbelievable Scarlet Ibis, truly unbelievably beautiful especially against the green canopy of the forest.
We went to Maracus Bay, via a detour that took us up the steepest roads I have ever driven! There we ate Bake and Shark, deep fried...this is the Caribbean
We did go to Edith Falls, the highest in Trinidad, but the rainy season has only just started so it was more of a drip than a fall. However we did see Howler monkeys in the trees, a male, a female and a baby.
The highlight as always.... The Leatherback Turtle laying her eggs just amazing and so sad that they are hanging on by a thread. Only one in a thousand eggs reaches maturity. A real, real privilege to watch. Remember a carelessly abandoned plastic bag can kill an adult turtle.
We now await our next guests, we are getting like a charter boat!
But we always have room for friends so please shout if you would like to come and see us!
Fair winds
Love Alasdair and Gill

+1758 520 6961

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