Grenada to St Lucia

Fri 2 Oct 2015 15:05
"14.04.497N 60.57.454W"
Sorry, I seem to have failed the once a week during September....we were very busy! Lots of jobs done, and loads of fun things too
The new generator in and working! I was going to strip the old one and keep the fuel pump, oil pump, starter etc etc. however when enquiring how to dispose of the old block a lecturer from the local Community College asked if he could have it! So I found the starter handle, instruction manual etc and took it in.... He arrived with three lads picked it up and off they went happy! I feel some good has come of the old thing.
We bought a new cooker and sold the old one to one of the "floating sheds", another good turn.
The front window we took out, re bedded, sealed and have made watertight!! The navigation lights and radar work again. The job list continues to shrink which is unheard of....
We also managed to play, a number of great hashes with the dogs, always fun!
Then there were the beach trips, beach barbecues, picnics, drinks, cool offs and sea glass collecting. You can't believe how much fun it is being rolled up the beach by waves crashing in, when the water is 30c. All with a great bunch of guys who have become friends never to loose touch with.
Now the summer is over and we have a few weeks holiday before the final Pacific push....
The sail up from Grenada was magic, we topped 8 knots and averaged over 6, great wind and calm seas, sailing at it's best
Fair winds
Alasdair and Gill

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