12 Dry land and beer in the Marquises

Mon 20 Jun 2016 21:34
We have arrived! A truly beautiful place... I have attached a photograph of a blow hole just next to the boat...
Quite a trip, 25 days at sea, so I win the bet! A few breakages and things going wrong. Most odd was the calorifier splitting, and me spotting it almost as it happened so we didn't loose all our fresh water. Most frustrating was popping four rivets on the pole track so we couldn't use the poles, ended up gybing down wind...rather slow. Most alarming was the casting on the rod kicker shearing when we gybed (at night, of course)
Strange just how much growth we got not just on the bottom but halfway up the topsides too!!
Will try and find wifi today...while cleaning the boat of course....oh and drinking rum and beer!
I hope all is OK
Love Al and Gill

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