Carnival "12.02.63N 61.44.94W"

Fri 15 Aug 2014 00:20
Carnival is now over and what an incredible experience it was...Now we just need a few days to sleep and let our livers recover
We have watched Carnival before and it is always a beautiful but this time we got involved and it made a massive difference.
For us we started with the full moon hash.  Jester the teddy bear/rastafarian cross came with first hash with a dog!  We meet some friends we had not seen for a month or so which was great.  The hash started well but when it came to the the climb down a rope we opted to go back the other way...A great evening saw us back on board just shy of midnight.
4am the following morning saw us up for J'Ouvert......hard to describe if you weren't there.  We had bought VIP tickets with the Chocolate Mas, a T shirt and all you can drink!  Some how starting drinking at 4am isn't as hard as it sounds.and before long we had lost count of how many times we had returned to the drinks truck. Also available, very freely was semi liquid chocolate.  This was then poured over any and everyone all morning, our new white T shirts are still in soak three days later and not looking white at all.  The basic routine is to walk behind a wagon that is playing music at 11 (for those of you who haven't watched "This is Spinal Tap" that's like 10 only louder) drink, dance and make people mucky.  After awhile other people come through with coloured paint and the worst...covered in engine oil.  But the most fun ever, we were with the guys who had raced at Carriacou so we sort of knew half the people in our Mas.  We returned to the boat, hosed down and then showered.  Apparently and as they have photographic evidence it must be true....we met some friends as we walked back to the boat, but I don't remember nor does Gill.  So a couple of hours sleep....
Then at 1pm Suzie came round and banged on the boat and the girls got dressed in their ostrich feathers ready for the first parade!  They did look really lovely.  Although I think Gill would have happily stayed in bed!!
That might we joined the horned devils for yet more drinking and dancing.  This time we bailed at midnight and headed home.
Finally the last day and the girls were on show again in their costumes and once again I took both dogs to watch, quite an experience that was!
I wish I could describe what awesome fun it was, the noise, the enthusiasm, the colour just the whole was the most incredible experience well worth repeating
Now we have two dogs and a cat, but that is another story
Love Al, Gill, Habitat, Pickles, Star Charger, Jester, Tashie and Blancu