Tue 21 Jul 2015 03:26
"11.19.57N 60.33.09W"
Due in part to having used the engine to charge batteries and therefore wanting to give it a good workout and in part to the lack of wind....we motor sailed most of the way to Trinidad and arrived in the pouring rain. Not the best way to arrive at a new place! But the sun came out, the people are very friendly, we hired a car for 24 hours for £15 and diesel costs 15p a litre!
Josh and Becky arrived and we motored (again) up to Tobago. Charlotteville is beautiful. High lush green hills surround the bay and the water is still and deep. We went looking for turtles hatching last night but found none, we did however see fairies so Becky was happy!
Today is National Heritage Day. A parade reminiscent of carnival and day long music and partying. We all entered the Treasure Hunt, £5 a head and you get a T shirt. We were slow but still managed to get a cold bag and 12 cans of beer, and a charging thing..... Tonight is the party starting at 7!
Add to that Amarula are anchored next to us, so fun all round
Fair Winds
Love Alasdair, Gill, Josh and Becky

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