Wake boarding in an Atoll

Wed 20 Jul 2016 05:35
"14.58.114S 147.38.220W"
We have been here now for just over a week, what an awesome place....
We took a speed boat trip to the Blue Lagoon, photo attached. It is the archetypal South Pacific island. Palms trees, blue water and a sea teaming with life. We snorkelled with sharks and rays. And ate a fantastic lunch cooked on an open fire of coconut husks, including coconut bread!
We visited a black pearl farm and watched them inserting the impurity into the oyster in the hope that it will produce a pearl. I didn't realise that a single oyster can produce three pearls in it's lifetime. They are three years old before they start, the first pearl takes two years to produce, the second three and the third longer. The success rate is 30%.
We have also been diving a couple of times. The second time I resolved never to dive again! I struggle to suppress the urge to panic. But I love what you see when you are down there! We saw literally hundreds of grey sharks, really beautiful. At one stage we were drifting in a strong current and aiming to drop down into a trench.... As we all came towards the drop off it was like being with a squadron of planes landing, really cool! Am sure that the next time the opportunity arises, I'll go!
Oscar is a proper boat bum, he arrives with a small bag a surfboard and a guitar! He has been surfing here and the other day rigged up the tender as a tow boat. He went wake boarding behind. Mia managed to get to her knees but not stand up. They had loads of fun though sadly managed to lose Mia's GoPro.
The plan....if the wind moderates... To go to Tikehau tomorrow, we shall see
Fair winds
Love Alasdair, Gill, Oscar and Mia

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