Santa Cruz

Sun 24 Apr 2016 14:58
This island is very different to the last, "00.44.86S 090.18.56W". The town is much more modern and together with reasonably well provisioned shops. We should be able to buy what we need here though it is expensive. You can see why when you watch people hand balling stock on and off boats and vans, all very low tech and demand.
We did an island tour and say some enormous tortoises. We also walked/crawled through the "Lava Tunnels". An amazing geological feature.
The gorge between two rocks is similarly amazing. It starts freshwater and as you progress through the pools it becomes brackish. You swim in water that is crystal clear and very deep! To get from pool to pool you either climb over or sometimes you can swim down and through a tunnel. You can see the big fish swimming around beneath you and crabs on the rocks.
Sadly the list of breakages and just not working continues to grow. Our digital SLR camera has chosen this moment to stop working I can't quite believe the timing of that....
The generator has now developed another electrical fault. I suspect it is connected to the last but am not certain. I think it will mean getting the engine out as I can't reach where I think the problem is, what joy
The chocolate teapot that is our Satellite phone continues not to function. Hopefully today will reveal more that may help....
Both the freezer and the lift pump have developed annoying intermittent faults.
On a positive note we have managed to transmit and receive with our SSB, albeit only a couple of hundred metres but it worked! This morning I listened to my first SSB radio net....
All in all, we are in paradise and are truly blessed.
Love Alasdair and Gill

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