10 whale sighting

Mon 20 Jun 2016 21:31
"09.28.40S 136.00.47W"
194 miles to go.....for those of you who remember Capital Radio back in the 70's 194m on the MW.... The beer has been returned to the fridge to chill ready for the much anticipated "arrival beers".
Today we sighted a whale, saw it blowing and sighted the whale itself but at some distance. Still always great to see. Rather sad to think that people still hunt them. A few days ago we passed a Japanese fishing fleet.....
Sadly the wind has left us and with it our hopes of getting in by Friday. We are really suffering from not having a dead down wind solution now that the poles are out of commision. I don't know if a Parasail would be the answer. Wish I had tested one in Antigua, still there is always next time.
Love Alasdair and Gill
PS. We have just seen dolphins too!
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