Under 1000

Mon 16 Nov 2020 18:20
“06.44.543N 046.28.255W”
Well we have achieved the notable milestone of 1000 miles to go, nearly 2800 miles traveled so far. Sadly it has not lifted the rather melancholy mood onboard. I think that is partly at least due to the fact that we are struggling to make much more than 3 knots so we are still over ten days from St Lucia... The sea is short chop interspersed with the occasional 3-4 metre wave of course coming from the side. So all in all not great sailing, but during the day the sun is usually out and bikini or shorts are the order of the day.
Hopefully we will clear into the consistent NE’ly soon. But either way, I am sure things will improve soon. Maybe when we eventually catch a fish...not counting the twelve flying fish found on deck this morning.
I also appreciate that the UK is also in the Doldrums....
Wishing us all fair winds and following seas,