Broken auto helm

Tue 11 Jun 2013 07:28

We are sat in Fuengirola, “36.32.50N 04.36.97W” not where we wanted to be because we have a broken auto helm.  We had noticed a problem with the self steering in while in Barbate and have sent for a part to mend it.  Not to worry, we have redundancy built into the system so it was fine to set off and for a 300 mile 48 hour passage with just the two of us....until the auto helm broke.  Now without any form of assistance that means effectively steering all the time, so no cups of coffee when on a night watch by your self...we decided to stop and will now have to day sail along the coast.

Still on the plus side we get to see more of Spain, well lots of high rise tower blocks anyway!

So today we need to establish if it is safe to continue (I don’t want the steering failing!) and make a new plan....

Have fun


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