What dreams are made of

Tue 31 Dec 2013 10:41
I am on watch and the sun has just risen into a clear sky “27.15.58N 17.29.77W”
Yesterday we left, in a bit of a rush in the end as Josh and Becky had a flight to catch and we wanted to leave while they were waving us off. 
We left the pontoon no problem and arrived at the fuel barge to find half a dozen divers getting out of the water!  When we did start filling up we had three major airlocks in the tank which resulted in diesel being squirted out all over the deck....  I then went onto the dockside to say good bye to father, Josh and Becky and slipped over down the stone steps coming back aboard (feeling very bruised today) then as we came to leave just backing off to then go ahead and leave and some impatient jet ski school couldn’t wait and cut in front of me complaining that he had waited ten minutes.
However we left and all was well, till we reached the southern corner of Tenerife.  The waves come down both sides of the island and follow the coast to meet at this point so a very confused sea.  The result, one sea sick and two feeling ill, I must admit I wasn’t feeling great!  And then the wind dies so I took the decision to motor for a while to get out of the swell.  When I came back on watch at 11 we set sail and have been sailing ever since.  Today we will try other sail options and see what works best.
The main priority though is to get the crew happy and feeling OK.  The speed we are going at the moment has Becky in pole position for the arrival date sweep stake.
Don’t forget that if you wish to contact us the starcharger, mailasail email is the only one we will receive.
I trust that this finds you well, I will update the blog as we go across
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