01 Farewell to Palmerston

Wed 19 Oct 2016 23:23
"18.06.345S 163.33.199W
We decided to wait until this morning to leave and were well rewarded...
In the moonlight we first heard and then saw another humpback whale, our third sighting of the day. It came closer and closer and closer finally breaching only 25 metres  from the back of the boat. It's huge form glistening in the pale moonlight was just magical. Before you ask, no we didn't photograph it, we stood in wonder and will remember. 
This morning we had enough wind to sail from the islands but now the wind has died to under 4 knots... Tonga is still 590 miles away! But Mia caught a fish so we had fresh fish for lunch...
More later
Fair winds
The Whale Watchers

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