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Sun 15 Jun 2014 11:34
As you will see we have finally left Antigua and Barbuda. We had an awesome time there right up to our last night.
The highlights....Bizz and the boys coming out..great to see the little'Phews having such fun. Followed by Oscar, Sue, Sanna and Ricard. We took both groups up to Barbuda miles of pink sand and deserted
Classic Weekend, such beautiful boats. Closely followed by Race Week. We will be back next year!
The Tot Club, such fun and you meet so many interesting people! Visit their homes, seeing parts of the island we would never otherwise go to. Helping clear footpaths (one of the jobs the Tot Club does), again seeing interesting places.
Meeting up with Fern who taught Gill to dive.....meeting Nigel who ran the Antigua and Barbuda Paralympic team in 2012.
Having Jane read us bedtime stories over the VHF, while trying not to laugh!
Then for me the highlight. Being around when HMS Protector came in. Another of the Tot Club aims is to look after RN ships when they come in. Protector is an icebreaker survey ship stationed in the Antarctic over summer. On two days we took guys from onboard sailing, a great few days. One day there was a barbecue, we filled our dinghy with beer and ice!
Then they returned the compliment and invited us aboard. Just an amazing ship and loads of beautiful photographs of the environment they work in, I want to go down there! This was followed by the odd G&T in the Ward Room.....then a three of us (sadly not our two friends Ian and Helen, not sure why not) were invited to stay on when the rest of the group left. We then went out to dinner with the Captain and Operations Officer.....somehow we ended up drinking at 4 o'clock in the morning in an extremely dodgy bar! Got back to our boat at 5.15 just as the sun was rising!
So far Grenada has just been very heavy rain, why can't it go North to Antigua, they haven't had rain since Christmas! However we are looking forward to exploring our new home
I trust you are all well and enjoying the English summer
Alasdair, Gill, Habitat, Pickles and Star Charger

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