Port Louis

Sun 21 Jul 2019 15:50
“20.9.63S 057.29.83E”
People often ask me if I get scared out in the deep blue ocean and I always say the same....”No, I get scared close to land where there are things to hit!” Well coming in here was the classic! Having successfully traveled across an ocean and come into Port Louis, tied up alongside a particularly awkward quay and left safely.... I relaxed, I knew there was a shallow area in the basin, and there was a mark 25 metres off the bank, we left that well clear but still ran aground! Most embarrassing, right in front of all the restaurants and bars. Fortunately the Coast Guard were on hand to pull us off, no real harm done, just to my pride!
We have now been here for three days and have relaxed into harbour mode after a major cleaning and desalting of poor Star Charger.  Some jobs have been done too 
Today we went Hashing through the sugarcane, brilliant, such fun.
Not sure what we are doing this week...
Fair winds
Alasdair, Gill, Alison and Peter

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