And they are off.....

Mon 4 Apr 2016 16:26
Today we left La Playita anchorage bound for Las Perlas islands....
We have on board Jane, a cruising friend who we met in the Caribbean and Alex an old College friend of mine. Heading home the long way.
Our time in Panama has mostly been spent fixing things and adding new stuff, our list of jobs has a great number of ticks but still a fair list of todo!
We now have SSB radio, but I don't know how yo use it! The new solar panel is in and producing power. Neil's expansion tank appears to have solved the hot water problem. The freezer has a dedicated 12v power supply so we don't need to run the inverter all the time.
But the Satellite phone has stopped working and the generator...... Our lovely new generator, has in intermittent electrical fault, I think we have tracked down where.... Now we need to fix it!
More soon
Love Alasdair and Gill

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