Keep calm...

Thu 27 Jun 2013 06:51

On Saturday we found a beautiful anchorage at the entrance to Mahon harbour “39.52.65N 04.18.47E”.  Yes there was the infamous Mistral blowing down from the Rhone Valley with gusts over 30 knots but we were safe.  At its peak our little haven housed 18 sailing yachts and five motor boats overnight.  At the weekend the locals came out in force to enjoy the warm water and small beaches.  It was perfect, warm enough to swim every evening, well protected, a short ride in the dinghy ashore and a fairly hilly ride on folding bicycles to an hotel with a bar and wifi.  Then a short ride on to the Supermercat that sold fresh milk.

Then on Wednesday a rib was sighted and the Harbour official informed us all that we must move even though the wind was gusting at almost 35 knots!  Apparently there is a rule that you can only anchor for three days...and rules must be obeyed!  The Fins protested that their engine didn’t work so a boat was sent out to tow them to a marina....We muttered under our breath and left.  The German next to us refused and appeared to be allowed to stay, who knows what will happen to him.  He did play the wife and very small baby card! At least one of the Spanish boats also left, they are next to us here in the marina.

So we have replaced our idyllic free anchorage for a marina costing £65 a night.  There is constant noise from the traffic, we can’t go for a swim and the view is nothing compared to what we had! And the wind still blows....

Having practiced picking up a man overboard (fender attached to bucket!) we decided that while in said lovely anchorage we would see if Gill could get me out of the water unaided.  So I donned an old bosun’s chair (not being up for spending £20 replacing the automatic inflator in my lifejacket!) and jumped into the water.  The idea being that Gill would lash the mizzen boom straight out over the side  then using the mizzen sheet around the halyard winch, winch me up.  It worked very well, I rose out of the water and if conscious could walk up the side of the boat.  I am not sure how easy it would be in a swell, the trick is not to find out!  However we do have a plan that works....

So today I am going to take the opportunity to service the windlass.  We will not be leaving today, but hopefully tomorrow.

All in all Menorca has been lovely and we will be back to explore more

I trust you are all well

Love Alasdair, Gill, Habitat, Pickles and Star Charger

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