Fri 29 May 2015 18:39
"14.25.15N 61.09.13W"
There are things about modern technology that are just fantastic and AIS is in my option one of those.
While sailing down from Antigua to St Lucia I had spotted a ship on the horizon and had the binoculars on deck to watch progress. Our chart plotter is not working so we cannot see other boats with AIS but they can still see us. After a couple of minutes the ship in question called us on the VHF by name and asked if we intended to hold our course and speed ( for non sailors this is a very reasonable and sensible question...). I stated that it was my intention but that as a sailing vessel we were at the mercy of the wind. The Officer of the Watch said he would alter a further 10 degrees and hence passed safely in front of us.
What a great system allowing people to communicate easily.

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