Cape Town

Sat 25 Jan 2020 17:46
“33.34.54S 18.25.19E”
Yesterday we realised that we would come into Cape Town in the dark, so we decided to slow down and arrive just after dawn this morning. 
Interesting facts, before rounding Cape Agulhas the sea temperature was 21.7C, shortly after, it had fallen to 17.1C.  Then we rounded the Cape of Good Hope and now it is 13.9C.... What you may not be aware of, is how much difference that makes to our lives.  Imagine that our underfloor heating has been turned down so the cabin temperature has plummeted!
The journey from Cape to Cape was uneventful, we had some magnificent twin pole sailing but rather too much motoring.  A front was due through this morning....
All was well till about 01:00 hrs this morning when a thick cold fog set in.  The radar choose this moment to not connect to the chart plotter.  Fog is the worst weather to sail in, give me waves and wind over fog any day.  We doubled up on watch, which by chance meant a Poore Gill was effectively on watch for nine hours straight.  
The fog cleared around dawn and we arrived here in the V&A marina at 08:00 hrs, met by our friends Kimi and Trevor from Slow Flight.
The front came through early afternoon as we sat on the top floor, 11th, open bar of a converted silo tower....
Fair winds

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