Long passages and goodbyes

Thu 19 Nov 2015 19:35
"17.04.51N 61.53.56W"
We have spent the last few weeks saying goodbye to people and places. Not you might think very remarkable given our Cruising lifestyle. However this time it is different, many of these friends we will never see again and the places we will not return to for several years.
From here, we head for Panama and then out west to see for ourselves whether the World really is round. It s very exciting but also slightly sad and quite scary!
There is an unknown world out there, full of more amazing things to see and do....
To get there involves long passages. Sailing in Northern Europe we used to sail across the Channel fairly often, 60+ NM each way, they were long passages perhaps overnight. Now we think nothing of setting off for over two days to complete a 350 NM trip. The routine is easy, the boat always ready and our horizons have expanded.
We still get caught in storms, 45 knots on the nose and raining is not fun even in the Caribbean, so turned back and tried again the next day.
Star Charger is safe in Antigua and we are back in London. Seeing family and preparing for the next adventure.
Fair winds and I hope to see you on the water
Alasdair and Gill

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