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Mon 16 Sep 2013 23:54
We have been sailing from Cap D'Agde to Alicante. Now only 70 miles away "39.11.533N 00.33.57E"
The first night at sea was horrid, 30 knots of wind, driving rain and a very short, confused and angry sea! At the point at which we were ready to give up and swim ashore never to sail again, this fellow arrived.
He spent the first night in a very bedraggled heap at Gill's feet in the cockpit. Fortunately (for him) a family of moths had also arrived providing him with some tasty snacks. He then spent the day becoming more confident on board and with us and searching out bugs to eat. The weather improved and he has dried out and spends much of his time flying off the boat and round back on, often landing on us!
Last night he spent behind our pillow in bed with which ever one of us was off watch. And Gill said I would never be allowed another bird in my bed!
I am trying not to think about where he should be and what his chances of survival are when we land 200 miles from where we picked him up. At least it is all Spain so no passport issues... Having him on board has brightened the journey enormously. It was threatening to be the worst ever and has turned into a constant delight, watching him make for a landing or his new trick of straight down the companionway! You do need to be careful where you stand, sit or lean. I hope he will have caught all the bugs and insects on board, surely better than a mosquito net!
We have also seen some kind of marine life, a long thin floppy dorsel fin, must look up what that is.
In case you haven't heard, we are coming home for a few weeks on October 16th, if you are around come and find us. We will bore you all for hours with more photographs!
Take care and have fun
Alasdair, Gill, Habitat, Pickles, Star Charger and Bird
PS. Sad news, Bird went down below and tucked his head under his wing, never to wake up again.... Although sad, and without wishing to add human emotions to a bird we feel that he died happier, warm and comfortable rather than drowning at sea in a storm. He brightened our life and we hope we helped his too.

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