Sun 23 Oct 2016 05:37
"18.42.700S 173.59.418W"
Well, we have finally caught up! Here in Tonga we have been partying hard with George and Lorna, and Lynne (sadly Eric has flown home). We will only spend a week here, you could spend months! 
Last night we went to one of the little islands that has a restaurant on it and nothing else. While there we spent some six hours in the water cleaning the boat.  I do hope it helps with speed and that the Bio police in NZ are impressed. 
On the way back we managed to find Mariners Cave. It is a cave that can only be entered by diving down a couple of metres and then swimming through about five metres before rising into a giant air pocket. There must be some air coming in from outside...  Mia and I swam through, Gill refused and looked after the boat. 
It was quite amazing. From inside if you put your head underwater you could see the light outside, but a beautiful blue hue. Inside as the swell comes on the air is compressed and you can feel it! Also the water turns to mist on every wave, magical!
Enough of fun, tomorrow we leave for New Zealand, some 1200 miles south, it's going to be cold!
We will keep you posted
Love Alasdair. Gill and Mia

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