Near the big day

Tue 3 Dec 2013 08:58
We are sat here in Madeira "32.44.494N 16.42.761" resting and preparing the boat for the next trip.
Yesterday it suddenly dawned on me that we set off across the Atlantic this month! And, no, we are not ready. Maybe one thing that you learn doing this is that you are never really ready, mostly ready is good enough. Every time we go out the experience is slightly different and we make do with what we have and how we are! But although the list of jobs is endless, those that need doing before we cross is down to a round dozen.
All around us we have yachts waiting for a window in the weather. Some are heading south to the Canaries other straight to the Caribbean. But it all adds to the excitement talking to other skippers and looking at their boats. Suddenly it seems real, we are doing this not just taking about it or dreaming that we will do it one day..... I am slightly nervous of the unknown but mostly I am very excited!
David and Kim have gone home, we had a great time with them on board. Hopefully David will be back in a couple of weeks to help us sail to Tenerife.
Now Fuzz, David and Conor are on board for a week, I hope we can get out and do some sailing, though the weather is not great at the moment
Take care and have fun
Love Alasdair, Gill, Habitat, Pickles and Star Charger

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